Tuesday, May 15, 2007

work work work

10 days past May 5 2007.

That was 180 Degrees Music Team's "Any road, Any cost" concert. I have not posted anything here. Been busy with work lately. Lots of deadlines and designs to finish. And I'm still not finished over everything! haha! Pictures from the event are available here.

I have been given the task to design all marketing collaterals for an annual telephony conference which will be held nowhere near where I work, where I live, or where I know good friends! Ahh, the power of internet marketing.

There's still plenty to tell but right now there really is no content to talk about except me babbling an excuse for not posting anything new, not that I owe that to anyone. I just want to let the 3-5 people who visit here.

I hope this week I'll be able to post something worth everyone's while. =)

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