Friday, May 18, 2007

Yoyoy Villame...

has passed away. Heart attack.

Quoting from wiki:

Yoyoy Villame (born Roman Villame in 1938-2007) is a Filipino comedian and singer who hails from Bohol in the Visayas. Villame sings novelty songs, such as his well-known "Mag-exercise Tayo", which hit the charts in 1977.

He is the father of Hannah Villame, who is also a singer.

He began making movies in the early 70's, and is noted for his role as a family driver who killed by Vilma Santos in the 1974 suspense thriller Biktima (1974). In 2004, Yoyoy played a Visayan troubadour in the critically acclaimed movie, Babae sa Breakwater (Women of the Breakwater).

He succumbed Friday to cardiac arrest at the Las PiƱas Medical Center. He was admitted at 9 a.m. but doctors failed to revive him. He complained of difficulty breathing and chest pains. He expired at about 12 noon.

The Bohol-raised Yoyoy experimented and recorded many songs in the Bisaya dialect. He even came up with the classic Abuchikik, a unique song driven by a catchy melody and seemingly unintelligible words. Included in his repertoire are hit songs Tarsan at Barok, Si Filemon, Nasaan Ka Darling (Where Are You, Darling?) and Da Da Da.

I only know one song...the classic "Butsekik". Novelty singer. Not bad for people like me who grew up in Bulacan, hitting puberty in the bitter metropolis, residing in a province in Rizal now turned city.

Yoyoy's "Mag-execise Tayo" and "Butsekik" are probably the only songs I know. Apparently, this youtube link has vicor on it, same guys behind the minus-one pushed by the idea of Butch can't-remember-last-name of Center for Pop Music School.

I am no fan of novelty songs. I just know the song and have respect for the guy who brought joy and hilarity to the hearts of Filipinos. Even today's novelty  song writer can't-remember-his-name who wrote otso-otso, jumbo hotdog (not sure), and some of sexbomb dancer's songs...has an impact to Philippine entertainment. Its just apparent that the songs itself have their own value. You'll see it when you see it performed and used creatively by other artists.

Yoyoy Villame will never know about this, but his classic "Butsekik" will never be forgotten. And I'm willing to bet revivals of his songs are inevitable.

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