Friday, April 27, 2007

Any Road, Any Cost and some Guitar Blues

I have committed to be the band director for the 180 degrees music team inc. for this year, as I have the previous years too and it has been most fulfilling and enjoyable as usual. Nothing beats loving what you're doing and knowing you kick a$$ on it! Hehehe. Forgive the language.

1 week countdown for the event and I hope everyone who visits my blog (if anyone at all!) can come. The musical "Any Road, Any Cost" is youth driven and will feature a live band and a live youth group singing praises and songs for the Almighty being up there.

I will be rendering a number or 2 in the said event. I have been preparing for this one too. I hope to deliver an experience to the audience they would appreciate. This is of course dedicated to my Creator and His love for me, but through this I hope I can extend His love to others as well (at least this is what I would like to think). =)

On preparation, I have prepared my Cort Earth 1200. It's a beautiful acoustic guitar my father gave me. It's korean made (like my Ebox chassis!). Now I have to prepare and buy some guitar in order to amplify it well. I am looking at the Behringer C-2 matched condenser microphones. I hope they will suffice for the amplification of this guitar.

Anyway, this guitar gave me problems. if it weren't for its good looks, I wouldn't spend time fixing it. It's giving annoying, and I mean annoying, fret buzz. Not on open strings, not even on fretted ones. It's giving fret buzz on tapped ones! Whenever I tap on the eleventh fret, it's giving me a buzz below neck, hence giving me 2
notes played simultaneously. Anyway, lowering the nut on the guitar solved, except now I have an open string fret buzz too. I was considering bringing it to a luthier but I want to learn myself so I kinda murdered the guitar instead.

Pictures of the guitar can be found in my flickr site here. Pardon the disorganization. Hehe.

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