Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28, 2007 - Gloomy 33

It's been gloomy since 5:30AM

Make that 5:45am. I haven't been up 5:30.

Come 7:00am, did some updates on our websites. Gotta prepare and keep
things up to date for that telephony conference. Did some reading. Yup,
I've read. If there was any way to make time fast forward, I already
did that.

I can some up my day today with one word: Multiply.

Yup. This multiply.

Times like this makes me wish I had my guitar here in the office. A
piano wouldn't be bad either. I'd play here and make everyone of my
co-workers wish they were in a bar having some drinks and chat all they
want. Or maybe I just want someone to listen to me and my music.

30 minutes to go before 4pm. And I still feel like 5:45am...

1 comment:

ayeeee... said...

"I can some up my day...."

typo error!! Maybe it should be "I can sum up my day..." hehehe labya!!