Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Scream '07 - 502607

Saw familiar faces in tonight's gig. Emil was there. Nice seeing him
again after a long time. Chuck's sister and her sister's friends were
there. Ashley was there. And some guy who kept talking with me about
his guitar playing and stories about our gigs. Wow! I never really
thought we mattered to any of our gigs really. I must be too passive
(or too spaced out to think about it!).

Anyway, it is flattering to know people remember and somehow recognize the music you do wish to share. I had to apologize to him 'cause I couldn't remember his name. He introduced himself and helped me with setup and all along with Emil. Thinking about it now, I can't remember his name again. I'm bad with names.

Well, thanks dude. And thanks to all who do believe in what I do. It is rather heart-warming.

By the way, I have a multiply account now. I already did, but I go to it more often now than before.

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japot said...

Of course tlgang kelangan tlgang isulat ang "Ashley was there." hmm...

Neil said...

haha! Hindi lang naman siya ang na-mention dun ah.