Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28, 2007 - Gloomy 33

It's been gloomy since 5:30AM

Make that 5:45am. I haven't been up 5:30.

Come 7:00am, did some updates on our websites. Gotta prepare and keep
things up to date for that telephony conference. Did some reading. Yup,
I've read. If there was any way to make time fast forward, I already
did that.

I can some up my day today with one word: Multiply.

Yup. This multiply.

Times like this makes me wish I had my guitar here in the office. A
piano wouldn't be bad either. I'd play here and make everyone of my
co-workers wish they were in a bar having some drinks and chat all they
want. Or maybe I just want someone to listen to me and my music.

30 minutes to go before 4pm. And I still feel like 5:45am...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Scream '07 - 502607

Saw familiar faces in tonight's gig. Emil was there. Nice seeing him
again after a long time. Chuck's sister and her sister's friends were
there. Ashley was there. And some guy who kept talking with me about
his guitar playing and stories about our gigs. Wow! I never really
thought we mattered to any of our gigs really. I must be too passive
(or too spaced out to think about it!).

Anyway, it is flattering to know people remember and somehow recognize the music you do wish to share. I had to apologize to him 'cause I couldn't remember his name. He introduced himself and helped me with setup and all along with Emil. Thinking about it now, I can't remember his name again. I'm bad with names.

Well, thanks dude. And thanks to all who do believe in what I do. It is rather heart-warming.

By the way, I have a multiply account now. I already did, but I go to it more often now than before.

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She had to go somewhere for the weekend. Couldn't say I was looking forward to it, but I guess she did. It's ok. She needed a break. I think I need one too but we both had responsibilities. Last night going home from Tiendesitas with good office friends was nice. Couldn't help but think it'd be different if you were around.

Things I wanted to share with you...the company of good friends.

Tonight isn't different. We could have been lost together (instead of me and my uncle!) on the way to pier 1 for my gig. On the way home wasn't different from last night. Even the route was the same!

I'm bad at writing. Or at least I'm not in the mood.

I miss you dear. Don't know how else to say it.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My take on "Drifting" by Andy McKee in Anna May's 18th Birthday

My sister showed me this video. Amazing it is. Fun to watch. Opportunity kicked in to study and play it. Studied it. Played it.

I also performed this on "Any Road, Any cost" concert by the 180 degrees music team.

Last Sunday was a dear friend's 18th birthday (i'll posting more about "Annamay's Power Debut" soon! Happy birthday!) . I dedicated it to her this time.
Juliet took the clip and made funny comments about it! I just found it while surfing the net today. I hope you guys enjoy it.

This is my humble take on "Drifting" by Andy McKee.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yoyoy Villame...

has passed away. Heart attack.

Quoting from wiki:

Yoyoy Villame (born Roman Villame in 1938-2007) is a Filipino comedian and singer who hails from Bohol in the Visayas. Villame sings novelty songs, such as his well-known "Mag-exercise Tayo", which hit the charts in 1977.

He is the father of Hannah Villame, who is also a singer.

He began making movies in the early 70's, and is noted for his role as a family driver who killed by Vilma Santos in the 1974 suspense thriller Biktima (1974). In 2004, Yoyoy played a Visayan troubadour in the critically acclaimed movie, Babae sa Breakwater (Women of the Breakwater).

He succumbed Friday to cardiac arrest at the Las PiƱas Medical Center. He was admitted at 9 a.m. but doctors failed to revive him. He complained of difficulty breathing and chest pains. He expired at about 12 noon.

The Bohol-raised Yoyoy experimented and recorded many songs in the Bisaya dialect. He even came up with the classic Abuchikik, a unique song driven by a catchy melody and seemingly unintelligible words. Included in his repertoire are hit songs Tarsan at Barok, Si Filemon, Nasaan Ka Darling (Where Are You, Darling?) and Da Da Da.

I only know one song...the classic "Butsekik". Novelty singer. Not bad for people like me who grew up in Bulacan, hitting puberty in the bitter metropolis, residing in a province in Rizal now turned city.

Yoyoy's "Mag-execise Tayo" and "Butsekik" are probably the only songs I know. Apparently, this youtube link has vicor on it, same guys behind the minus-one pushed by the idea of Butch can't-remember-last-name of Center for Pop Music School.

I am no fan of novelty songs. I just know the song and have respect for the guy who brought joy and hilarity to the hearts of Filipinos. Even today's novelty  song writer can't-remember-his-name who wrote otso-otso, jumbo hotdog (not sure), and some of sexbomb dancer's songs...has an impact to Philippine entertainment. Its just apparent that the songs itself have their own value. You'll see it when you see it performed and used creatively by other artists.

Yoyoy Villame will never know about this, but his classic "Butsekik" will never be forgotten. And I'm willing to bet revivals of his songs are inevitable.

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I am using a laptop....

...that belongs to the company I work in. I am really thankful they finally issued me one. My old and ailing rig which I have been bearing with for over a year has now been finally free of me. I don't know what will become of it, but all I can say is that the laptop I am using is significantly faster.

Speaking of rigs, the company also assigned me a tower to take home so that in cases my personal tower broke down, I'd have an extra one to work with. HR requested me to return it so they can issue me this laptop. Before returning it I wanted to make sure it was fine so I plugged it in, power light blinking, no POST. Removed power plug, put it back, blink, no POST. POOF! Power supply exploded. PSU WAS set on 220v. No error there.

So much for bringing it in one piece.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Performancing for firefox has now been renamed (or replaced by?!?) to scribefire. This is a test post. No worthwhile read.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

work work work

10 days past May 5 2007.

That was 180 Degrees Music Team's "Any road, Any cost" concert. I have not posted anything here. Been busy with work lately. Lots of deadlines and designs to finish. And I'm still not finished over everything! haha! Pictures from the event are available here.

I have been given the task to design all marketing collaterals for an annual telephony conference which will be held nowhere near where I work, where I live, or where I know good friends! Ahh, the power of internet marketing.

There's still plenty to tell but right now there really is no content to talk about except me babbling an excuse for not posting anything new, not that I owe that to anyone. I just want to let the 3-5 people who visit here.

I hope this week I'll be able to post something worth everyone's while. =)