Friday, March 30, 2007

Yearning Cries

How long have I kept you here
How long will I keep you here
You cry
You creep out of me when I hear you
You crawl out of me when I hear you
Shivers, cold shivers you give me
How long must I wait

You were there, I knew you were
Whenever I hear you, I stop
I simply stop
Whenever it talks about the omnipotent one
I shiver

How magnificent you are

How many have you healed
How many have you killed
How many find comfort in you
How many find angst in you

How many have used you for power, fame, fortune
Many take pride of you
Many study and become obsessed about you
You fill out the emptiness in souls - so they thought

You - for good and evil
You oh great music
Such power you hold, such power so old
When will I have time for you

For you, the creator and greatest author of music
Please accept this
Its simple. Just me. Just me and what you gave me.

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