Tuesday, March 13, 2007

HULK...now in MIDI!

Do you remember the angry, big, green machine we loved? Dr. Bruce Banner has finally listened to his right brain for creativity and has now come up with this!

Yup! It's the Hulk's hands! AKA Media Systems has come up with this crazy but brilliant idea of actually applying MIDI technology into the giant's hands. Project title is HULK$MASH.

Photoset can be found here if you are interested in venturing to the project.

Interestingly, its not supposed to be used for people, animals, or objects... but we can always hit objects that we are allowed to right? Say...a table that produces a clashing cymbal when hit? What about a piano middle C? That would be weird..

Anyhow, Bruce Banner here seems to be enjoying his creation. I hope he doesn't hulk$mash his gear!

Overall, I find the idea simply brilliant. There more details in the flikr photoset if you want to pursue becoming a hulk$masher. It doesn't give you details though on transforming into a full radioactive green monstrosity.

From: http://createdigitalmusic.com/2007/03/11/hulk-hands-hacked-smash-stuff-send-midi/

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