Monday, March 26, 2007

Ebox pictures

Apologies for not posting this. I've had this setup for almost a month now I think. I use a USB keyboard. No. Not the qwerty one.

I meant this. Due to bandwidth issues, I would like to post a link to the whole flickr set instead of posting them here. The set also include the first assembly pictures I posted. The picture of the left is the Behringer UMX-61. Obviously, it's a 61-key MIDI controller. 8 knobs. 8 buttons. 1 volumer slider. 1 pitch bender whell. 1 modulation wheel. 2 octave button switches.

What's really nice about the keyboard is that it is small and light enough to carry round. I don't have a case yet but I am hoping to have one soon. Yup, it's a USB keyboard.

This is the keyboard I've used for the song "Rock of my Salvation" that my sister sang. We will be re-recording the song soon due to some noise and lyrics issue. Whoops.

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