Friday, September 14, 2007

John Petrucci on Paul Gilbert

If you hadn't known, G3 consisted of 3 guitarist doing a concert together. There have been many guitarist featured in G3 tours. Formula was always Satriani + Vai + X, X being another guitarist. There have been names like Yngwie Malmsteem, Eric Johnson, John Petrucci, and others I haven't probably heard of. The last time I heard was a trio with 2 of my heroes in it: Petrucci and Gilbert.

Petrucci was featured on guitar player 2007 and I bought it this week. I saw it in the newly relocated Filbar's in Galleria. Another interesting was the title article: Dreamweaver. I use Dreamweaver everday. I don't think Paul Gilbert does.

Petrucci on Gilbert:

Have you tried to pick up any cool licks and tips from your G3 tour mates?

I’m always asking questions of those guys. When I hear them do a cool lick during a show, I’ll immediately bug them afterward to find out what they did, or solicit their advice on how they’d approach something I’m currently working on. I come from the Steve Morse and Al Di Meola school of straight-up alternate picking, but, lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate more one-note-per-string arpeggio sweeps into my playing. However, it wasn’t sounding quite the way I wanted it to, and I noticed that when Paul played arpeggios, they sounded as smooth as silk. So I went to him to find out what he was doing that I wasn’t. He said he wasn’t voicing them one-note per string at all. Instead, he’d play one note on one string, then skip a string and play three notes. We were playing the same notes, but he showed me a completely new way to phrase them.

Paul Gilbert would be my guitar hero. John Petrucci is second. And I don't sound either.

At least in my opinion.

Disclaimer: No Joe Satriani was harmed nor abused in the writing of this article.

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