Sunday, September 30, 2007

Citadel's concert anniversary

Citadel celebrated their church anniversary tonight. It's a church along katipunan. No, the other katipunan (not ateneo's side).

The place was bombarded with artists. That's all I can say. And damn I miss hanging around with other artists. Artists who are not big headed but know how to keep in place both feet on the ground and are able to still pull off something wonderful...something magical. It's also great because we comprised of friends playing for friends. Thank for good friends.

It's a blessing hanging out there with people from 180 degrees, Joyce, Jared and folks who remember me from previous occasions and performances. I would have preferred being there. I think God intended it. What's my basis? I really don't know. I just felt simply welcome.

Kudos to Astrid, Jaja, Nuel, Carlo, Anna May, and JM for 2nd dinner. Mwehehehe!

Here are some pics.

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