Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Woes of a Guitarist

Summer Scream 2007 is coming c/o Tim Mallilin.

Uneven will be playing. Of course. We have not practiced since the 2nd eliminations (summer scream is band contest, but we're just guests) which was around 2 weeks ago. It is now 3 days before the event. I have to be thankful it was moved from June 8 to June 16 because it buys me time to study "Acid Rain".

Acid Rain. Haaay....the song is hard to play. Harder when you try to interpret a 7 string guitar song into a 6 string guitar song. Harder when you know the song far stretches your left hand while your right hand is madly picking. Harder when they don't get coordinated. Harder when you thought you were playing fast, but you weren't playing fast enough!

Remember my "I got tagged" entry? I wouldn't mind if I didn't move at all while my fingers did all the work. They should be working! Furiously WORKING!!!

Then there's Tim song, by Mark King. No title, no album resource. I hope that's easier. I haven't started. I'm still stuck with Acid Rain. I'm in the guitar solo part now.

What's that? Which one?

The part where everyone dies and Petrucci goes all over the place playing ala Vai effects and tremolo. It's hardly melodic. Have to give it to the guy who 95% of the time does live what he did on the recording. How I'm going to pull that off is an "I don't know".

What am I facing? Acid Rain, Mark King, and 3 days. To think out of the 3 days, 1 or 2 will be for practicing with the band in the evenings. Good luck to me.

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