Friday, June 1, 2007

Marvel - Civil War

If you don't know what's going in the marvel universe for the past months, it's this one. This isn't the currently running series, because the war is over...or is it?

Anyway, it's Captain America VS Ironman.

Why? A group of superheroes named "The New Warriors" (Wow! Very intimidating!) were going "live" for a reality TV show and took on a group of super villains in Stamford. So they launched an attack hoping for good ratings. One of the super villains, Nitro, possesses the ability to explode (yup! kapoot! boom!) and rebuild himself after some time. Of course, superhero fights don't get contained in one lot. Nitro crashes beside a school. Nitro explodes. Everyone is dead. Except Nitro, of course, who manages to escape after that.

This further pushes for the superhuman registration to become law, with Tony Stark (Ironman) leading the act. The law states that everyone who possesses superhuman abilities, whether it be with the aid of machine, mutant gene, some accident and the like, are all required to register. Registration means knowing who you are. No more secret identities for you. Steve Rogers (Captain America) believes this violates civilian rights. Law sees those who refuse to register as criminals.

Questions about loyalty, friendship, patriotism, and ethics come to play.

I've been reading this for quiet some time now. It's good! I don't have the comics. I'm not rich. I have other means. Other free means. =)

Spiderman? Well...

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