Thursday, February 15, 2007

Behringer MS40

After much coveting and amazement on how Behringer's MS16 sounded, I wanted the MS40.

After unpacking and plugging it into my sweet EMU 1820m, I must say that indeed it sounded good. I tried Native Instrument's Akoustic Piano on it and had raise the frequency in the mid to high range for some real piano brilliance to come out. This will do for now I suppose. Overall, I am satisfied with the price that I paid for. Although of course, I am biased about this since I have not yet head other monitor speakers from the same price range, should there be one existing (there was one mentioned in another forum, but I cannot remember anymore).

Hope to post some real pictures next time.

Product Link here.

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jannette said...

it really sounds nice. looks even better.