Sunday, December 9, 2007

My first DSLR....

CANON 400D Kit - 18-55mm

Yup. I finally got myself a Canon 400D with 4gb CF card to boot! If you're interested and would like to get one at a friendly price, kindly email me at

Ok, now we're done with that. The camera is very good. All I can say is that I am enjoying it very much! =) Actually, it's very very much! Hopefully, I will be able to be good at it and would soon be a know-how in this field. More self study and more tips from the internet and more experienced DSLR friends!

I'm excited to use it on family events, company events, parties...the works! Man! If you're a friend and you have something going on, don't hesitate to email me so that I can take pictures! If I am free of course! =D


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